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Charity Fundraising Consultancy

"Bringing prosperity and well-being to the voluntary sector"

Who we are

Based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, our team of consultants

have been helping charitable organisations since 2002.  

We help organisations of all sizes

Our services include researching into funders, writing appeals

     and applications, business planning and writing fundraising

                          strategies, interim management and hands-on

                        fundraising, and training and mentoring staff involved

                     in income generation.  We can help you raise funds for

                      revenue and on-going core costs, building appeals and

                  equipment.  We don't mind getting our hands dirty!

“We offer a friendly service, an honest opinion and we are open and communicative.  What is important to us is that we give you the tools to carry on fundraising successfully".

  There is no doubt that the charity sector is

                 even more competitive than ever.  

                             To improve your chances of

                                     grant success, it is

                                    increasingly important

                                 that you are able to

                             measure and evaluate your

                             outcomes, and that your

                           work makes an impact.